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Something old, something new…

When The Alchemist PR was established in 2010, we knew that while we would offer pretty much the same services others did, we knew we’d do things differently. Because we understood then, as we do today,thatpublic relations, as a practice,is evolving at a rapid pace, perhaps even more so because of the dynamic and ever-evolving socio-economic climate in South Africa. In fact, the world we live in is changing every minute.

The Information Age is over. Today, the public is a lot more savvy and have access to a lot more than just information. They have access to opposing views about information they are exposed to and they enjoy engaging and interacting with these diverse opinions about brands and businesses, leaders and well, just about everything. What’s more, they have access to all this at the touch of their tablet- and cellphone-trained fingertips.

PR, as a discipline, needs to be agile. A ‘one-way’ press release just won’t cut it any longer.That’s what sets us apart. At The Alchemist PR, wecreate new tools and tactics, innovate communications solutions that are able to deliver tangible results. We believe that when implemented correctly, public relations has the ability to deliver on the bottom line.

A dash of Green…

We believe in the Triple P Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profits. And our agency has built a solid reputation in the climate change, renewable energy and environmental sector because we understand that no amount of people or profit will matter without a liveable planet. Read more... Also see our environmental lobbying campaign

And heaps of love for South Africa

While we’ve worked with companies from Botswana, India, France, Germany and Ireland, we take great pride in working with proudly South African businesses. We believe in South Africa, and all the stuff that makes us South African. The braai, the car wash on Sundays, koesisters and bunny chows, spaza shops and taxis. But what excites us most about the country right now is the focus on small business, and even more than that, the number of social enterprises that are responding with impact-driven solutions to South Africa’s social challenges. We seek out these small business owners, entrepreneurs and social innovators so we can tell their stories too. Read more...

We do it, not because they asked us to. It’s because we want to. And we can.

We do it our way. We love all things green. We’re passionate about South Africa.

And we’ve got just the right mix of skills, experience and expertise to build your brand. Welcome to The Alchemist PR!